Stories Change Lives -Feras

Sharing Stories ,  Sharing Lives … "What is love? Love is an expression, an emotion I don’t know about...whatever it is. I ask people what is love and no-one comes with a good enough answer... " Cast member of The Young Foolish Man. Drifting around London, fending for himself. Never had a stable home. An amazing... Continue Reading →

Mark Linder about Jeremy Weller

What Weller can do, as an artist in the “social inclusion” space, is create dramatic engagements around the concepts he is addressing. His work is based on the legitimacy of “front-line” work with the parties in the intimate social process. His drama always has a basis. He develops his insight by going where others cannot,... Continue Reading →


Can those we see as other find a place, a home amongst us? Can they live at peace with us, and with themselves? This is the question that confronts a group of second generation immigrants in Jeremy Weller's controversial new film, LIMBOLAND. A group of young, non-professional actors tell the story of their struggle to... Continue Reading →

Stories Change Lives -Yahia

Sharing Stories ,  Sharing Lives ... Lived in Denmark and struggled to integrate. Caught between cultures. He lived in between Denmark and Gaza. But in a mental Limboland. A study in his life of issues of integration and people struggling between cultures and lands, trying to find home... “A Palestinian young man trying to live... Continue Reading →

DOUBTING THOMAS- more reviews

Paul Laverty : "This is beyond theatre, performance or acting.  It simply just, is.  This requires massive skill and collaboration and in no way is meant to underestimate the craft.  There is one moment when Thomas McCrudden recalls how he first felt empathy for another human being. If there is a more spellbinding moment in... Continue Reading →

Lars Von Trier about Limboland

Lars Von Trier wrote after seeing rehearsals of LIMBOLAND, Jeremy Weller's first film commissioned by DFI, Zentropa and DR1 and Winner of a Robert Prize for fiction (2011) "Watching the actors was like seeing fragments of their lives being recreated before my eyes. Limboland is one of the most exciting projects that Zentropa has produced for many... Continue Reading →

Sarah Kane about Jeremy Weller’s work

Testimonials on the work of Jeremy Weller: Sarah Kane (Playwright) said that seeing Jeremy Weller's work changed her life. Sarah was asked: How much influence do your think your plays can have in terms of changing society's perceptions and actions? Her answer:  "I've seen one piece of theatre that changed my life - Jeremy Weller's Mad. It... Continue Reading →

We’re all to blame for feral kids

The feral underclass puts on a show! This is the premise of BBC Imagine Documentary and it is compelling viewing. Director Jeremy Weller takes kids whose life stories are full of drugs and violence, who live in a 'council estate of mind', and makes theatre out of it. Truly a Play For Today. Some of... Continue Reading →

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