Sarah Kane about Jeremy Weller’s work

Testimonials on the work of Jeremy Weller:

Sarah Kane (Playwright) said that seeing Jeremy Weller’s work changed her life. Sarah was asked: How much influence do your think your plays can have in terms of changing society’s perceptions and actions? Her answer:

 “I’ve seen one piece of theatre that changed my life – Jeremy Weller’s Mad. It changed my life because it changed me – the way I think, the way I behave or try to behave. If theatre can change lives, then by implication it can change society, since we’re all part of it. I also think it’s important to remember that theatre is not an external force action on society, it’s part of it, a reflection of the way people within that society view the world. Slasher movies don’t create a violent society (though they may well perpetuate it), they’re a product of that society. Films, books, theatre, they all represent something which already exists, even if only in someone’s head and through that representation they can change or reinforce what they describe”.

 (Sarah Kane quoted in Stephenson and Langridge, 1997:133). Stephenson, H and Langridge, N. (1997) Rage And Reason: Women Playrights on Playwriting. Bloomsbury, London.) 

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