Suicide: talking about dark thoughts does not make suicide more likely – it saves lives

Survivors available to speak candidly for Mental Health Awareness Day, to support a world-premiere performance built around their own real-life stories Mental Health Awareness Day, 10 October 2019: Suicide Prevention is the focus of this year’s Mental Health Awareness Day, and media can save lives by dismantling the mistaken belief that discussing suicide makes it... Continue Reading →

“Where it Hurts” at the conference “Mad Hearts”: The Arts and Mental Health

"Mad Hearts” is a two-day conference at Queen Mary University London which explores productive, radical, contemporary encounters between the arts and mental health, bringing together clinical, artistic and research perspectives that offer a reinterpretation of contemporary mental health science and practice. 17-18 May 2019 QMUL Mile End Campus, ArtsTwo £50 - 2 days / £30... Continue Reading →

DOGLIFE 2017 – “A raw, dark and uncompromising portrayal of a gangland enforcer and his relationships with women” (The Wee Review)

Thomas’ attempts to love and to be loved – we see many of the women in his life on stage, along with many of his victims from whom he seeks forgiveness. Grassmarket Projects work specifically within communities, providing a platform where people can explore their own lived-experiences through theater in a creative and supported environment.... Continue Reading →

Edinburgh Fringe: A round-up of the NHS themed shows reflecting the chaos of ordinary people’s lives ( The Independent Review)

That health inequality is just as true in Edinburgh as is made clear in Where It Hurts (Summerhall, until 26 August), a piece by Jeremy Weller and the Grassmarket Project in which non-actors share real life personal stories. Edinburgh streets, just a mile apart, have a difference in life expectancy of over 10 years. What Where it Hurts makes... Continue Reading →

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