GRASSMARKET PROJECTS will make theatre with those most marginalised in society. In our theatre space we can find the freedom to be ourselves. It is in the outside world where we often “role play.” Our audiences will not be invited to suspend their disbelief because what they are seeing is real. We will shatter the illusion of traditional theatre. Our stage is a space in which all humanity can be explored. We want our audiences to see human beings, being human.

 The work we create is not about acting, it is about when we are not acting, when we are authentic, when we are real. It is about real people exploring their lives, their untold stories – the truth of their experiences.

“What a fantastic piece of theatre: dramatic, heart wrenching, it makes you think, stuns you, punches you all over the place…it makes the rest of British theatre look milky, tepid.”

 Steven Berkoff on “20-52”


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