A story about the difficult love between two young people in the Danish province. Nicklas works as a bartender at a local nightclub and spends his spare time partying with friends, his wreck of a car and regular workout in the gym. On a late shift Katrine shows up, a former friend of Nicklas’ deceased sister Karoline. Katrine has been in Copenhagen, but has returned to the hometown to support her mother, who has problems with Katrine’s alcoholic father. Nicklas is interested in Katrine, perhaps because she reminds him of when Karoline was still alive, but Katrine turns Nicklas attempts of seducing her down at first.

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Danish title                                 Chancen
Other titles                                  Her & nu
Director                                       Jeremy Weller, Morten Arnfred
Screenplay                                  Lars Bang, Morten Arnfred, Jeremy Weller
Producer                                     Carsten Holst, Jesper Jarl Becker
Director of Photography           Camilla Hjelm Knudsen
Editor                                           Bodil Kjærhauge
Sound                                          Kjetil Mørk
Composer                                   Jacob Bloch
Appearances                              Nicklas Andersson, Katrine Sofie Sørensen,
                                                      Rikke Schneekloth, Maria Louise Kongstad (see all)
TV release                                   2014-06-01
Production country                    Denmark
Duration31 min.
Production company                 Globus ApS
With support from                      Det Danske Filminstitut, DR

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