Jeremy Weller

Very few theatre directors bring the real alive on stage. Jeremy Weller has the gift of dramatising ordinary life using ordinary people to make both seem real and extra- ordinary at the same time. His work is brave, dangerous and vivid.

Where It Hurts review at Summerhall, Edinburgh – ‘authentic voices on mental health issues’

At a fringe where the issues surrounding mental health form a major theme, Where It Hurts, from Edinburgh’s Grassmarket Projects, not only nails the zeitgeist but reveals it using authentic voices as it takes verbatim theatre to its logical conclusion.... Continue Reading →

WHERE IT HURTS 2018 – “raw, honest personal experiences of NHS care” (Skinny)

Check the final work of the theater director Jeremy Weller and his extremely moving performance and the audience’s feedback. Where it Hurts – an hour long performance involves members of different communities from across Edinburgh and some former staff of the... Continue Reading →

DOGLIFE 2017 – “A raw, dark and uncompromising portrayal of a gangland enforcer and his relationships with women” (The Wee Review)

Thomas’ attempts to love and to be loved – we see many of the women in his life on stage, along with many of his victims from whom he seeks forgiveness. Grassmarket Projects work specifically within communities, providing a platform... Continue Reading →

DOUBTING THOMES 2016 – “viscerally raw and necessary…a play that cannot be missed” (Telegraph)

Doubting Thomas is the true story of one man’s personal struggle to change from a tortured and violent past to a better, more hopeful future. The play is an intricate study of those that which society fears the most are... Continue Reading →

Where it Hurts: A passionate, searing tribute to the NHS by Grassmarket Projects (The Wee Review by Claire Wood)

First and foremost, this is a tribute to the NHS and its phenomenal capacity to scoop people up, patch them up and send them on their way. But at the same time, it sweeps up politics (funding allocation), economics (drug... Continue Reading →

Edinburgh Fringe: A round-up of the NHS themed shows reflecting the chaos of ordinary people’s lives ( The Independent Review)

That health inequality is just as true in Edinburgh as is made clear in Where It Hurts (Summerhall, until 26 August), a piece by Jeremy Weller and the Grassmarket Project in which non-actors share real life personal stories. Edinburgh streets, just a... Continue Reading →

Where It Hurts (Telegraph Review)

In a nutshell: Grassmarket Projects director Jeremy Weller has assembled a cast of non-actors – both erstwhile NHS patients and health care workers – and devised a script based on their experiences of the health system that’s relayed as if spontaneously... Continue Reading →

Where It Hurts @ Summerhall : Raw, honest personal experiences of NHS care (Skinny Review)

Unlike most productions at the fringe, Where It Hurts is an authentic piece performed entirely by non-actors, directed – or perhaps curated – by Jeremy Weller. An examination of NHS care by a cast of both patients and staff, these raw and... Continue Reading →

Regardless of your political or social alliance, the NHS is the lifeblood of this nation (Edinburgh Festivals Magazine Review)

It’s more of an institution than the BBC or the monarchy combined. There are so many stories of the health service which cross the entire spectrum of emotions, some of which none of us will have experienced. What is presented... Continue Reading →

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