Where It Hurts (Telegraph Review)

In a nutshell: Grassmarket Projects director Jeremy Weller has assembled a cast of non-actors – both erstwhile NHS patients and health care workers – and devised a script based on their experiences of the health system that’s relayed as if spontaneously in a communal waiting room. Among other things, we hear from a female victim of... Continue Reading →

2018 Edinburgh Festival Play – Where it Hurts

Jeremy was invited to be guest speaker at the conference, Performance and mental Health: Perspectives and Practices, 13th June 2018. He was presenting "Where it hurts” his 2018 Edinburgh Festival Play. His production developed while he was an artist in residence with the NHS. The play explores the experiences of the (so called) Hard to reach and their experiences of accessing the NHS.... Continue Reading →

Where It Hurts

Check the final work of the theater director Jeremy Weller and his extremely moving performance and working process. Where it Hurts - an hour long performance involves members of different communities from across Edinburgh and some former staff of the NHS and those currently training to work in the NHS. Scenes include real life examples of... Continue Reading →

‘Where It Hurts’ Workshop Development

Writer and film and theatre director Jeremy Weller has created ‘Where it Hurts’; an hour long performance involving members of different communities from across Edinburgh and some former staff of the NHS and those currently training to work in the NHS. The current ambition is to stage the performance in a decommissioned ward space later... Continue Reading →


Real people talking - the importance of authenticity "I want to shatter the illusion of theatre, turn it inside out.  I don’t want people to suspend their disbelief.  I actually want them to see a human being being a human being.  The stage for me is a kind of laboratory in which all humanity can... Continue Reading →

Doglife at Festival City TV

Following on from the critically acclaimed Doubting Thomas, Jeremy Weller (winner of six Fringe First awards) and Grassmarket Projects return with part two of a devised trilogy with Thomas McCrudden: a former gangland enforcer who struggles to change from a violent past to a more hopeful future. With a cast of untrained actors, the play... Continue Reading →

What did you think of this performance of ‘Doglife’?

“Engaging, thought-provoking, disturbing”  “Very good performance, a story well told with no extra props”  “Quite hard-hitting but believable” “Eye-opening”  “Difficult to watch at times but an excellent production”  “Very powerful, passionate” “Very intimate and very real”  “Powerful, real and deeply relatable for many men and women”  “Very powerful and gave me an insight into things... Continue Reading →

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017 – Doglife

‘DOGLIFE’ – part two of a trilogy devised with Thomas McCrudden who plays himself. Thomas was a gangland enforcer for organised crime who spent 5 years in prison for attempted murder. He passed the writings  about  his life as a criminal to theatre-maker Jeremy Weller - winner of 6 Edinburgh Festival Fringe First Awards - who thought there might... Continue Reading →

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