Regardless of your political or social alliance, the NHS is the lifeblood of this nation (Edinburgh Festivals Magazine Review)

It’s more of an institution than the BBC or the monarchy combined. There are so many stories of the health service which cross the entire spectrum of emotions, some of which none of us will have experienced. What is presented to us tonight is not fictitious – the performers are not trained actors. This is real. Where It Hurts is not always comfortable, but it is a notable piece.

With nowhere to run, no mask to hide behind, Where it Hurts goes for the gut. No holds barred, this production eviscerates emotions. Set in a waiting room, the social hub where life, death, illness and happiness all mix in a drunken stupor, the blood, sweat, and tears of humanity are poured out across the stage. The choice to have honest performers – not trained professionals who can fling out lines – is genius in this instance. It delivers an evening no actor could recreate, causing a stir with some of the audience.

Read the whole review : link

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