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Thomas McCrudden, making his stage debut in an acclaimed devised piece at Summerhall, Doubting Thomas, which details how he came to disavow his criminal past and make a fresh start, working to help ex-offenders, joins director Jeremy Weller of Grassmarket Projects to talk about the work. Dominic Cavendish quizzes. Recorded at Summerhall, 19-08-2016.

“My confessing this, and looking at myself the way others viewed me, even during the process for the year we’ve been doing this… speaking to friends I know they can’t believe the change, the transformation in me – that for me is what it is all about. If they can see the change in me, and hope in me, maybe they will get the strength to do it themselves… I’m not a monster, I’m Tosh, I’m here… What can we all do together for all the lost boys out there?”

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