At the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017
Based on the life and writings of Thomas McCrudden
Cast Thomas McCrudden, Lynne Killin (Professional Actress) , John
Riley, Gillian Gibson, Shona Darroch, Rosie McKay, Chris Hunter,Katherine Brown, Jo-Jo

Devised by Jeremy Weller and Mark Traynor and the Cast

Directed by Jeremy Weller

‘DOGLIFE’ – Following on from the critically acclaimed “DOUBTING THOMAS” Jeremy Weller (winner of 6 Fringe First Awards) and Grassmarket Projects return with part two of a trilogy devised along with Thomas McCrudden – a former gangland enforcer struggling to change from a violent past to a more hopeful future. With a cast of untrained actors (and one Professional Actress) , the play focuses on
Thomas’ attempts to love and to be loved – we see many of the women in his life on stage, along with many of his victims from whom he seeks forgiveness. Grassmarket Projects work specifically within communities, providing a platform where people can explore their own lived-experiences through theater in a creative and supported environment. Between the core artistic staff, we have over 25 year’s experience in creating award winning and critically acclaimed theater, working specifically with untrained performers to create work which explores positive change and reflection.

All of the material you see on stage is based on the personal experiences of the people who are portraying it.


Radio interview with Jeremy Weller Director of DOGLIFE Edinburgh Festival 2017 and what it was that made him produce this astonishing play: listen here


Tosh McCrudden and John Riley discuss how they met six time Fringe first director Jerremy Weller and how they came to perform in the play Doglife at this year’s festival: listen here


‘WHY are women attracted to men like this?” asks a woman with a notepad, gesturing towards the man in the centre of the room. “Men are dogs,” she continues. “They will sleep, eat and fuck anywhere.”



All Edinburgh Theatre – ★★★ 27 Aug 2017 | Hugh Simpson

 “Stark truths not often portrayed on stage give Doglife at Summerhall a compelling quality, even if the result could never be called attractive.”


Uktw – ★★★★★ 18 August 2017 | unknown author

“Thomas is a frightening force on stage, his mere presence is scary and they still haven’t fully grasped the difference between stage violence and …. well, violence. The text is simple and repetitve (like an opera libretto!) but the story is clear.”


Fringe – ★★★★★  August 12, 2017 | Nadine McBay

“Whereas Doubting Thomas focused on the male-dominated world of crime, prison and physical violence, Doglife sees McCrudden, who again performs as himself alongside a cast of untrained actors, confront the harm his behaviour has caused the women in his life. And though less bloody, that pain is every bit as real and searing.”


Thestage – ★★★★★  21 August 2017 | Thom Dibdin

“There is real power here, in performances that brandish strong, realistic language and conversation that is never crafted like conventional dialogue. Jeremy Weller’s direction is equally bold and direct, although it feels that this will not be as powerful for those who have not experienced the trilogy’s first part.”


Telegraph- ★★★★★  17 August 2017 | Holly Williams

“Weller and Traynor specialise in putting real lives onstage using non-professional actors – so from the beginning, it was decided McCrudden would perform his own story. The result was Doubting Thomas, which opened at last year’s fringe; the second part, Doglife, looks at his struggles with love.”


The Wee Review ★★★★  14 August 2017 | John Grieve

“A raw, dark and uncompromising portrayal of a gangland enforcer and his relationships with women.”


Thestage – ★★★★★  8 September 2017 |Richard Jordan

“Theater faces becoming irrelevant if it doesn’t fix class problem. Art has a crucial role to play in renewing a nation’s spirit and bringing communities together. But how successful are we at creating work that reaches out to audiences and communities where it can make the strongest connection?”


Daily Mail – ★★★ 11 August 2017 |Daily Mail

“For a real taste of gangsters mixing with drama, try the startlingly authentic Doglife, where former crime-world thug Thomas McCrudden again takes to the Fringe stage (as he did last year) to describe his trouble-scarred life.”


Telegraph – ★★★★  22 August 2017 |Dominic Cavendish

“Doglife – detailing the life of Scottish former gangland enforcer Thomas McCrudden, isn’t up to sniff. It’s sometimes hard to work out what’s being said, who it’s being said to, and what happened when. Yet engage simply with what is being offered, and you’ll be rewarded with something as compelling as anything you’ll see this year: cold, hard, dark truths about the toughest lives lived in the UK today.”



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