Doglife at Festival City TV

Following on from the critically acclaimed Doubting Thomas, Jeremy Weller (winner of six Fringe First awards) and Grassmarket Projects return with part two of a devised trilogy with Thomas McCrudden: a former gangland enforcer who struggles to change from a violent past to a more hopeful future. With a cast of untrained actors, the play... Continue Reading →

What did you think of this performance of ‘Doglife’?

“Engaging, thought-provoking, disturbing”  “Very good performance, a story well told with no extra props”  “Quite hard-hitting but believable” “Eye-opening”  “Difficult to watch at times but an excellent production”  “Very powerful, passionate” “Very intimate and very real”  “Powerful, real and deeply relatable for many men and women”  “Very powerful and gave me an insight into things... Continue Reading →

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017 – Doglife

‘DOGLIFE’ – part two of a trilogy devised with Thomas McCrudden who plays himself. Thomas was a gangland enforcer for organised crime who spent 5 years in prison for attempted murder. He passed the writings  about  his life as a criminal to theatre-maker Jeremy Weller - winner of 6 Edinburgh Festival Fringe First Awards - who thought there might... Continue Reading →

“Inspiring Artists?”

Suzanne Lofthus, Cutting Edge Theatre I was already doing passion plays, and had contacted Jeremy to look at the possibility of working together. As we talked, I was inspired by the radical approach he had and that challenged me to take more risks in my work. I was then asked to go into Angola prison in Louisiana... Continue Reading →


Limboland:  3 year education programme funded by the Danish Government Departments of Education and Integration. The programme was based upon using a documentary filmed during the making of Limboland that was shown to second generation immigrant teenagers in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark, and formed the basis for a discussion with the cast of Limboland,... Continue Reading →

Writer / Director residency, NHS – Local Communities and Minority Groups – Jan 2017 to march 2018 and beyond

Great News! Jeremy Weller has been  commissioned as a writer-director to develop a performance involving local communities around Little France and NHS staff including all levels of staff from doctors to cleaning staff. He could also make a film about the process. A little bit about the residency: Currently under construction at Little France on... Continue Reading →

Lost boy found – Doubting Thomas

Doubting Thomas, the play that tells the story of Thomas ‘Tosh’ McCrudden, has been the talk of the Edinburgh Fringe. Pamela Morrison went on a journey with this ‘lost boy’ to experience a powerful tale of reintegration, responsibility and redemption. As a new member of the CYCJ practice team I am keen to get out and about and learn... Continue Reading →

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