‘DOGLIFE’ – part two of a trilogy devised with Thomas McCrudden who plays himself. Thomas was a gangland enforcer for organised crime who spent 5 years in prison for attempted murder. He passed the writings  about  his life as a criminal to theatre-maker Jeremy Weller – winner of 6 Edinburgh Festival Fringe First Awards – who thought there might be a play there.
Alongside with a cast of untrained actresses and one professional actress , the play focused on Thomas’ real past and his actual attempts to love and to be loved. Through ‘transformative’ power of theatre, Tomas is exposes his own cheating, fear of commitment, cold refusal to show love, volatile temper – and how violent gang work always came first. Thomas doesn’t feel he can ever expect forgiveness from his victims but he hopes  to break the cycle of hatred and pain.
Thomas is not animal and how can we love and accept someone like him is a very vital topic of exploration. After all he’s a person – he wasn’t born like that. He was shaped. And if he can change, anybody can change.”