Where It Hurts (Telegraph Review)

In a nutshell: Grassmarket Projects director Jeremy Weller has assembled a cast of non-actors – both erstwhile NHS patients and health care workers – and devised a script based on their experiences of the health system that’s relayed as if spontaneously in a communal waiting room. Among other things, we hear from a female victim of domestic violence (even see that harrowingly enacted), witness a couple locked into a cycle of abusive acrimony and see a mentally anguished man howling on his knees at the lack of treatment to help him. It’s a raw, volatile experience – the chaotic legacy of psychological scars and societal ills permeates the air. Whatever your thoughts on the need for more funding, the bigger, tougher provocation here is that are no easy answers for people without work, prospects or hope; some are dismayingly past the point at which their inner pain can be healed.

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