We’re all to blame for feral kids

The feral underclass puts on a show! This is the premise of BBC Imagine Documentary and it is compelling viewing. Director Jeremy Weller takes kids whose life stories are full of drugs and violence, who live in a ‘council estate of mind’, and makes theatre out of it. Truly a Play For Today. Some of these kids burn so bright. One gets shot during rehearsals. Each of them could have been helped at an earlier age. Every hoodie, every foulmouthed girl, was once a small child. How do they grow up this way? Because not only have they often been abandoned by their own parents but by the rest of us. Getting them to perform may not be the answer but crossing to the other side of the street, as most of
us do, isn’t either.

From The Mail on Sunday – 29/10/2006 BY SUZANNE MOORE

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