Stories Change Lives -Feras

Sharing Stories ,  Sharing Lives …

“What is love? Love is an expression, an emotion I don’t know about…whatever it is. I ask people what is love and no-one comes with a good enough answer… “

Cast member of The Young Foolish Man.

Drifting around London, fending for himself.

Never had a stable home.

An amazing actor, performing all his life on the streets.

Caught in his street performance.

One of the “unseen” young people of London.

When I was 12 I got my first phone – I stole that. At the time you don’t even think its bad, what you’re doing. If you rob a woman for her handbag… and you’ve got her credit cards and that… you don’t think she might need it to feed her kids or whatever, you just think about what you’re getting, how you might use them credit cards, you just care about what’s in it for you. You don’t think about the consequences. When you grow older, now, you think about the consequences, how would you like it if someone did that to your sister or mother…”



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