Art from the Inside – Prison Work

 Educational Projects in Scottish Prisons with  Jeremy Weller (Grassmarket Projects)

Jeremy Weller  has over 10 years experience teaching and and creating educational programmes in a criminal Justice setting, and outside in the community. He has created and run educational Programmes in HMP Polmont, HMP Edinburgh, HMP Cornton Vale. As well as he worked with ex offenders in community settings.
In 2013 -2015 Artlink Central commissioned him as a Writer, English teacher, Art Teacher, for a 3 year residency to create an educational programme for the women, to engage them in reading, writing, and English, through using Drama Techniques. The project was a 3 year programme and recently came to an end, but was very successful. One of the students won an award for writing a play that was submitted to the KOSTLER AWARDS.
In 2012 Creative Scotland and Fife College commissioned him to create and run educational projects in HMP Edinburgh in 2014, during the 5 month residency he worked with over 50 female inmates with whom he developed a show, “This Life”, which was well received.
As part of this writing and educational programme he also worked in HMP Polmont, where he created ran and created a course and created a programme for the inmates, which was very successful, over 100 inmates participated and created a drama show that included their own writings, “Home – a philosophy.”
During all of these programmes his classes were very successful in engaging the learners in the programmes. The participants learned many new skills that included building their literacy skills, and confidence and concentration. Which are valuable life skills.
For the programmes he created:
  • Plan courses and programmes to cater for varying levels of knowledge and aptitudes within the prisoner population
  • Create absorbing lesson plans to engage and retain prisoner attention and attendance
  • Report on prisoner progress and collaborate with colleagues to improve sentence management, increase vocational skills and prepare prisoners for release
  • Encourage, support and sustain prisoners seeking to broaden their life and practical skills
  • Ensure compliance with relevant teaching, quality assurance and testing/assessment guidelines

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